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Hi, I’m Martin Braddy, welcome to our website!

MLB Associates was formed when my wife, Lyn, and I first ventured into the world of network marketing.  It’s an industry which has often been misunderstood, however, we researched the facts and found it to be a very credible business model.  The most important thing we learned was to only work with companies that offer goods or services that we all use on a daily basis, backed by first class customer care.

The internet has changed the way in which we purchase those goods and services today, but still nothing beats a personal service.  Utilities, whether for your business or home, can be a minefield to source competitively. We’ve made it our business to offer that personal service and to help minimise those costs without sacrificing customer care.

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Commercial Gas, Electricity & Water Procurement

Company: Full Power Utilities Ltd
Position: Premier Introducer Agent

Full Power Utilities Ltd (FPU) are completely independent commercial energy brokers that were established in 1997.  They are one of only a handful of brokers across the UK given the prestigious ‘Premier Broker’ status – awarded by the suppliers in recognition of the quantity and quality of business they bring them. This means FPU have access to the most competitive rates in the market as well as forward buying privileges.

The company was built on supplier relationships and soon evolved into a ‘Whole of Market’ brokerage with direct agreements with every supplier (40+) in the UK. They help businesses of all sizes secure the most competitive and suitable energy contracts available without charging them a fee.

Commercial LED Lighting

Company: LED-UK Lighting Ltd
Position: Introducer

LED-UK can help switch your commercial properties to LED lighting.  

You could save up to 71% on your energy bill, reduce your carbon emissions and get a fast return of investment by upgrading your lighting system to LED.  LED-UK can help design, supply and install bespoke LED Lighting Systems tailored to your business.

Residential & Small Business

Company: Utility Warehouse
Position: Authorised UW Partner

Utility Warehouse provides over a million customers throughout the UK with substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas and electricity.

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